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Chris Cooper Titan Steel Structures
CEO & Founder
"Great service"
advertising for marketing companies
Bruce Breton Insanely Brilliant Company
"Handsome, quite silent-type, but don't let those boyish good looks and well-timed whit fool you, the man is insanely brilliant ;)" 
Ylenna Asseo
Admissions director
"I highly recommend Peter he’s such an SEO Guru, and very knowledgeable in many areas."
Phil Bloom Sundial Advisory Service LLC
"Awesome group, fast, accurate and effective! They do get results!"
Jennifer Green Simply the best digital and magazine
"Cares about his business family and has a tremendous wealth of knowledge "
Gus Martinez MyHosti
"Peter is great to work with! Very knowledgeable. "
Hersch Resto Tracker LLC Hersch – Resto Tracker LLC
"Because they're simply the best!!!"